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Urgent Care Centers vs. Free Standing Emergency Rooms

It is important to understand the difference between an Urgent Care Center (UCC) and a Free Standing Emergency Room. The legal differences have to do with services provided. An urgent care may provide treatment for fevers, sprains, sutures, mild asthma, etc., but do not manage life threatening problems, such as a heart attack. Urgent care centers can also perform some onsite x-rays and lab studies.

Besides service level differences between these facilities, a significant difference has to do with cost. Some Free Standing ER Centers are not contracted with insurance companies.
  • In-network free standing or in hospital ER’s are subject to the ER copays which are generally higher than the urgent care facilities.
  • If you have a LIFE THREATENING emergency, such as chest pain, stroke symptoms or major trauma, it is appropriate to seek care in Hospital Based ER.
  • If you have a minor problem after hours that cannot wait until the clinic opens, seek care at an URGENT CARE facility that is IN-Network with your insurance plan. Make sure to provide the UCC with the name and phone number of your physician and request that they share records of your visit with your physician for continuity of care.

Plan ahead before you are in a situation of needing urgent care or emergency room services. Know which facilities are the preferred in-network facilities with your insurance in order to get the medical care you need at the lowest cost to you.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Patients – Text URGENTTX to 33633 to find in-network urgent care centers near you
Cigna Patients – Click Here for a List of Local In-network Urgent Care Centers